Unboxing: Birchbox Man x Mad Men April


  • Facial Scrub, Baxter of California
  • Everywhere Lotion Detroit, das boom
  • Get It On Body Wash, PLANT
  • Men's Socks, Happy Socks

Birchbox and AMC's Mad Men teamed up this month to release, in my opinion, one of the manliest boxes I've ever received from Birchbox to-date (I signed up last November). This is, so far, my favorite.

Facial Scrub, Baxter of California ($17)

This stuff is bangin'. I used it this morning. Not only does is smell awesome (comparable to some high-end Korean products), but it has powdered walnut-shell that I really felt buff away at all the dead crap on my face. I had a good, raw feeling when I hopped out the shower. This stuff's awesome

Everywhere Lotion Detroit, das boom ($24)

Yooooo! So this one time, I got a "den candle" from Bespoke Post that smelled like leather, tobacco, and all other kinds of manly stuff. I miss it, because it made my room smell like the meeting room of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. This stuff has"Detroit" in its name because it has scents of tobacco, musk, and motor oil. While I can't say I smell the motor oil (and maybe that's for the better), the sweet musk has been carrying the raw tobacco smell to my nose all day today. It's incredible. This is my new favorite lotion. Suave can eff right off.

Get It On Body Wash, PLANT ($20)

This was the disappointing item of the bunch, maybe because I was looking forward to it so much, that I already ordered a full sized bottle. I'm still hopeful this little trial size is from a bad batch or something. Anyways, this stuff is supposed to have sandalwood, ginger, and cedar essential oils. I love sandalwood and ginger, but I can't smell either. Really, I'm getting more of a "plastic" note from it, which I guess cedar has? The lather is also very light. Maybe that's personal preference, but I prefer a rich lather so I can see what parts of my bod need more scrubbin'. You gotta respect the company, though: All their stuff is all-natural, with no paragons, petroleum, SLS, silicone, or other fake whack-ass crap. Also, all their product is made by adults with physical and mental disabilities at the non-profit BKLYN UNLTD workshop.

But I wanted to smell of sandalwood, damn it!

Men's Socks, Happy Socks ($12 a pair)

This was my "deluxe item" which I chose over whiskey stones, Tommy John trunks, a Declan pocket square, and a notebook three-pack. I went with this since I needed more socks. Simple enough. But I love them! They aren't thin and crappy. They actually remind me of Pair of Thieves, which is solid sock if you haven't tried them out yet. Really cushy, with reinforced toes and heels. Best part is I got two pairs! With the cost of the box at $20, and these at $12 a pop, I came up $4, along with all the other products basically being free. Score!

FINAL RATING: 5 out of 5 Pews