The BoJack Horseman "Horsin' Around" Theme Song Ringtone

Quick backstory: Erick and I are big BoJack Horseman fans. We thought it was one of the more well-written shows for 2014, comically dense in the same vein Arrested Development was. I myself have an obsession with ringtones or alerts from TV shows or movies (e.g., Kim Possible's Kimmunicator, The Power Rangers' wrist communicator chirp, etc). So when BoJack's cell kept playing the polyphonic version of his TV show Horsin Around''s theme song, I needed it. Had to have it. I scoured the internet and couldn't find it at all. Even the subreddit for BoJack proved fruitless.

So I turned to Erick, who wrote the super dope theme song for our podcast. He put it on the back burner for months! Over the winter break, I grew more and more annoyed with my current ringtone (the Shell Phone ringtone from Nick's TMNT) so I really started hounding Erick to get on with the project.

And here it is. I think it came out fantastic. Obviously, all rights belong to Netflix, yadda yadda yadda. All we ask is if you enjoy Erick's work, toss him a follow on his Soundcloud... and hey! If you're looking for a new geek podcast to listen to, check out our show. You're already on our site!

- Krownz