Review: Hitman: Agent 47

Review by Edgar Torres

There seems to be a trend this summer with summer blockbusters, many of them are either sequel or remakes and Hitman: Agent 47 contributes to this trend. It seemed by the trailers that it was a remake meant to right the wrong that was the original Hitman. The original fell into a trap where it became a love story of all things and it seemed that the world created in the video game only served as a template for the movie. With Hitman: Agent 47 we get a movie closer to the game that fans of the game can appreciate.


The movie starts off with Agent 47 on a mission which he closes out soon after. His next mission is given to him but isn’t known to the viewer. After some events take place, we have Agent 47 looking for and protecting Katia who is looking for Litvenko who she soon learns is her father and creator of Agent 47. Agent 47 with the help of Nika must locate Litvenko and protect him from the organization that is hunting him down to learn the secrets of the project that created Agent 47.


The movie recognized what the original Hitman had done wrong in the eyes of its fans and made good this time around. In the first couple of minutes we see Agent 47 using his skills to take out enemies both directly by fighting them but also indirectly by setting up traps (which is the only way I play the video games). Later in the film we also see Agent 47 take down enemy soldiers to take their clothes and blend in, which is also a very important and fun strategy in the video game. We even get to see what happens when Agent 47 is spotted in disguise, a swift knockout and a quick costume change.

The acting was good overall but I’d like to emphasize Zachary Quinto’s performance. At the beginning of the film he sides with Katia but it’s a ruse to try and get her to divulge the location of her father which he fails at doing but I was confused when Quinto’s character was on Katia’s side because I had seen trailers and knew that Agent 47 and Katia were allies but later the loyalty lines were drawn and I was tricked into believing Quinto’s character was good too.

Finally, I applaud the fact that there was no love story in this film. Agent 47 was looking after and mentoring Katia as well but there was never any attraction presented to us. Agent 47 always knew his next step and it didn’t involve seducing Katia, good thing too because they wouldn’t want to have gone the way of Luke and Leia.


The movie seemed like it had no direction. They toy around with the idea that Agent 47 is a super soldier who shouldn’t have any feelings but it’s never explored fully. They also never show the failed super soldier experiments that has the secret organization looking for Litvenko. A lot of the story is told through dialogue for the purpose of leaving room for the chases and the explosions.

Special effects also suffered in the film. There’s a moment were Quinto’s character and Agent 47 fall onto a subway train and fall onto the tracks and it was 100% computer generated, to the point where the color was off on the digital bodies rolling. There is also a moment where they have a lapse in camera judgement and you could clearly see that it was actually Agent 47’s stunt double.


The movie was infinitely more enjoyable than the original. If you are a fan of the video game series, you will appreciate this version of the film more. If you are not a fan of the series then you should go into this with the mindset that it’s a popcorn flick. It has explosions, car chases, fight scenes, and once it’s over, it will fall into that part of your mind reserved to only recall movies that you’ve seen but no details of the film. I, for one, was into the movie but those few moments where the special effects weren’t executed well took me out of the film and made it less enjoyable. I’d say if you are a fan of the video games then it’s worth a watch in theaters but if you are not then maybe wait for this to hit streaming services.

2 out of 5 Pews

2 out of 5 Pews

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