The Quick and the Pew Introduction

As many of you may know, I am an avid gamer. I dedicate a huge portion of my life in the pursuit of digital experiences, and I would not have it any other way. That being said, I wanted to approach reviewing games in a new and original way for this site. I am not going to stop with conventional reviews because there will always be a title that needs a full examination (in order to truly understand why it is rated good or bad); however, there are games that even I am not willing to complete. My intention is to group titles like those in a giant post and give you (the reader) a quick explanation of why you should not play it.

Nonetheless, the post will not be comprised of bashing terrible titles alone. There is a trend of remastering games and porting over titles from other consoles that is currently happening. I rather not dedicate an entire post on Tomb Raider: Definitive edition (for example) because it is a game generally everyone has played and enjoyed. The plan would be to explain to you (the reader) if you should or should not play again. If you happened to not play the title before, I would explain why the game is worth your while or how it is not. 

Lastly, I may throw in quick reviews on indie, sports, and mobile games in order to give depth to the post. Some of these titles are rehashes of the same game over and over again, some of these titles are clones of already popular games, and some are just really short experiences. I would state if they are worth buying or not (just like the other games) and give an short explanation as to why. 

After this last little excerpt, I will do the post as it should be and will continue with more posts if you (the reader) enjoy these segments. I want to write about 5-6 titles in a normal post, but I will only do 3 this time around (because of this introduction). I want this to be an interactive post. If you want to know more about a title or want to give your opinion on one of them, I highly recommend that you post a comment. I will respond to any questions or comments. Anyway, let's get on with it. I present to you: The Quick and the Pew! 

The Quick and the Pew  #1 

Quick List of Titles:

  1. Bound By Flame (XB360, PS3, PS4, PC)

  2. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (XBONE, PS4)

  3. Injustice: Ultimate Edition  (PS4, Vita)

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Bound By Flame - Someone should burn for this.

Bound by flame is a game that sounds good on paper but plays horribly in reality. The aesthetics of the game are dark and grainy, the controls are cumbersome, and the difficulty is ridiculous. Ever since Demon Souls entered the gaming universe, developers have tried to copy the essence comprised within that game. The demographic Bound by Flames was hoping to attract was clearly fans of those games; however, this game left out two important components that truly makes Demon Souls shine: Atmosphere and Story. I have had more enjoyment reading the side of a cereal box than anything written within Bound by Flames. The A.I. is horrible (You will especially hate the A.I. once you do a mission alongside them), everyone seems to be a smart ass or a naive peon which ends up building my frustration even more, and the game is flat out boring. I do congratulate them for incorporating a build-a-hero in the game. Also, the boss battles are decent and doable; however, those are the only two things I can complement because everything else made Bound by Flames unbearable to play. For PS4 gamers, you may be experiencing a drought in games but there are way better titles to pick up (Infamous, The Last of Us, Indie Titles). The PS4 version runs at 1080p and 60fps, but the screen will tear and it looks terrible. The game was not made with current generation in mind. 
Should you Buy or Rent it? 
No, you should save your money. I recommend using whatever money you wanted to spend on this game and preorder Dragon Age: Inquisition.

1 out of 5 Pews

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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition - If You Haven't, You Should.

The rebirth of Lara Croft is something everyone should experience. After falling to the wayside, The Tomb Raider series underwent a reboot in order to shine in a modern market. Tomb Raider was an engaging and remarkably beautiful game when it was released on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, and it is even better on Xbox One and PS4. The graphics were overhauled with character remodels and were accompanied with changes in the game's physics. Crystal Dynamics took full advantage of the newest consoles, and the game has never looked better. The Definitive Edition includes all the DLC (Costumes, MP Maps, New Tombs) ever made and was incorporated into the game. If you have not played the game and have a PS4 or Xbox One, I highly recommend the game to you. The story is fantastic, the gameplay is spot on, and the difficulty is just right. The reboot incorporates all the puzzles and mythical elements that made Tomb Raider was it is and creates an experience beyond anything else you have played. Simply watch the video above and you will see the pure insanity that is Tomb Raider. Without a doubt, a lot of gamers have already played the game during its original release. So should you play it again? I personally enjoyed it as much as I did the first time. I was engaged and determined to beat it all over again. It is worth noting the PS4 version runs at 1080p and 60fps while the Xbox One version runs at 1080p and 30fps.
Should you Buy or Rent it? 
If you haven't play the game, you should buy it. I have seen the game on sale for $30 and that is a steal. I will even give you a pass if you want to rent it. Either way, I implore you to play this game. If you have played it, I would recommend renting it when you have nothing else to play. I replayed the game during the summer drought and it definitely relieved any gaming twitch I had. I purchased it again with no regrets, and I believe (generally) anyone who does will not regret their purchase. You should not be deterred from buying the Xbox One version of the game just because of the lower frame rate. The game is still absolutely gorgeous and runs great which (unless you are comparing it directly to the PS4 version) won't change your experience at all.

5 out of 5 Pews 

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Injustice: Ultimate Edition - Fill the Void

Injustice is a fighting game by the creators of Mortal Kombat that pits together DC heroes and villains in brutal over the top combat. The original release of Injustice was stuffed full with various game modes and challenges, and the Ultimate Edition includes all of those plus more. This release includes all the DLC (Costumes, Challenges, Characters) ever released for the original game and pushes the game to 1080p 60fps on PS4. While I enjoy the game quite a lot, it is a tough game to play. The combos and timing can be grueling for amateur players which could lead to frustration during online matches or in challenges. The version released on the Vita was toned down a bit and can lag at times; however, it is a great value if you enjoy the game enough and want to take it on the go. The PS4 version is a port of the Xbox 360 and PS3 version and didn't fix any of the glitches that accompany those versions. Injustice on PS4 may be at 1080p, but it is not a game you would want to show off to friends. Nonetheless, this is the only fighting game currently available on PS4. If you have never played the game, The Ultimate edition is the best value and experience. The story is interesting (they made a comic on it) and there is a lot to do. However if you have played it, you may not want to revisit the game after already completing it. The main reason you would buy this game again is if you sold your PS3/360 for a PS4 and crave a fighting game to play with friends (or you were an avid online player already).
Should you Buy or Rent it? 
In my opinion, Fighting games should only be rented when you want to test one out (and there is not an arcade cabinet available); however, the story mode within Injustice is comparable to a DC animated film and is worth renting if need be. If you are interested in moving up the online ranks and completing challenges, I recommend purchasing the game especially this edition (thanks to all the badass alternative costumes and new characters). Those two tasks are time consuming and would rack up your rental bill fairly quickly. Overall, there is not anything in this game that will appeal to gamers who do not enjoy fighting game. It will not change your outlook on fighting games, so you should not buy this game if you are not interested in them. Nonetheless, Injustice: Ultimate Edition is the best version of a tough yet fun fighting game. While the PS4 version can be argued to be the best, the Vita version has all the same content and modes readily available on the Bus to work or on the Subway ride home. You should pick whatever version works best for you. On the fence? Check out the video below to see game modes and gameplay!  

4 out of 5 Pews   

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As I stated earlier, I want this to be a social post. Ask me any questions you may have on these games. Hell, challenge something I've said. I am open to input in order to create a better post for all of you. Thanks for reading: The Quick and the Pew.