Episode 8: We're Doing A Podcast!


  • The Auteur #1, Oni Press

    • Rick Spears (Writer), James Callahan (Artist), Luigi Anderson (Colors)

    • Nathan T. Rex is a movie producer that has just released a sci-fi movie that’s flopped miserably in theaters. Worst off, they filmed the other two sequels at the same time. Desperate to come up with a career-saving movie, Nathan hires a charlatan doctor who keeps Nathan heavily drugged with hallucinogens to “assist” in the creative process as he dreams up an insane horror movie plot.

      • GOOD: Transmetropolitan-like art. Vivid colors that amplify Nathan’s drug-induced hallucinations. Almost neon. Unique plot.

      • BAD: Because of it’s off-the-wall, over-the-top pacing, it doesn’t get too far as far as story goes.

        • FINAL RATING: 4 PEWS

  • Ms. Marvel #2, Marvel

    • G. Willow Wilson (writer), Adrian Alphona (artist), Ian Herring (colors)

    • After being gifted with Ms. Marvel’s powers, Kamala struggles to make sense of everything that has happened. She quickly finds out she’s able to alter her body, shrinking it down to the size of an insect to avoid being seen and making her hand massive to save Zoe from drowning. She races home and is swiftly grounded.

      • GOOD: It’s a solid balance between superhero stuff and the slice-of-life stuff we were expecting in this title. Art is still solid.

      • BAD: Still no solid action… will Issue 3 be the one?

        • FINAL RATING: 4 PEWS



  • Muppets Most Wanted, Walt Disney Pictures

    • GOOD: The known actors with roles in the movie do an awesome job. Music by Bret McKenzie was on point (same guy as the first movie and got an Oscar for “Man or Muppet”).

    • BAD: The cameos weren’t as strong (maybe too many?). Not enough Muppet antics. No 3D option.