Episode 7: In The Fast Lane


  • Clockwork Angels #1, BOOM! Studios (Limited Six-Issue Series)

    • Neil Pert (Creator, Rush Drummer), Kevin J. Anderson (Writer), Nick Robles (Artist)

    • Based on the 19th studio album of the same name from the band Rush, in 2012, as well as the novelization released a few months after by Kevin Anderson.

      • GOOD: Gorgeous artwork. Story revolving around steampunk and alchemy elements makes for an interesting read.

      • BAD: Slightly difficult to follow. Plunges you into Albion mythos immediately. Slightly fast pacing.

        • FINAL RATING: 4 PEWS

  • Loki’ Ragnarok and Roll #2, BOOM! Studios (Limited 4-Issue Series)

    • Eric M. Esquivel (Writer), Jerry Gaylord (Artist), Gabriel Cassata (Colors)

    • Loki is banished to Earth by his meathead brother Thor and starts a rock band. In this issue, the god of trickery begins to make humans blasphemous, enraging the other gods.

      • GOOD: Vivid colors by Cassata make the pages really pop and a joy to look at. Established characters Loki and Thor make this an easy series to jump into.

      • BAD: Esquivel’s writing reads more like sloppy fan-fiction, with try-hard references to LA locales, internet memes, etc. It’s all over the place, and it’s hard to get invested in the characters.

        • FINAL RATING: 2 PEWS


  • Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment (XB1, PC)

    • GOOD: Large variety of maps. Gameplay is fresh and new, with the transition between mech and on-foot play.

    • BAD: “Campaign Mode” feels forced. Lack of weapon options. Framerate issues on PC version.



  • RunPee

    • Gives you 1-4 moments during a movie, optimal for running to the restroom or snack bar. Also lets you know of any stingers that may roll during or after the credits.

      • GOOD: No other service like it exists.

      • BAD: Lack of polish. Lack of “insider reviewers” means a movie may be missing if you catch it too early. Costs $1.

        • FINAL RATING: 3 PEWS


  • Believe, NBC

  • Agents of Shield, ABC


  • Need for Speed, DreamWorks Pictures

    • Street racer Toby (Aaron Paul) is framed for murder by a wealthy business associate. He now races to California to enter a secret race with massive payout. But Toby only has one thing on his mind: revenge.

      • GOOD: Action scenes were exhilarating and extremely entertaining to watch.

      • BAD: Sloppy character introduction and setup. The first twenty minutes of this movie varies from boring to cringe-worthy.

        • FINAL RATING: 4 PEWS

Let’s Play 3/25

  • Comics: Ms. Marvel #2, Midas Flesh #4

  • Games: Yoshi’s New Island, Nintendo (3DS)

  • Movie: Muppets Most Wanted, Walt Disney Pictures