Episode 42: Shaken, Not Stirred




Better Call Saul, Episode 103, “Nacho”, AMC

Jimmy is eager to prove that his dangerous client is innocent, even though it causes problems with Kim.

THE GOOD: Saul’s relationship with other characters resolved, great standalone episode, awesome to see the reaction difference from Saul before the Breaking Bad series.

THE BAD: No recap from the past episode, less stylized shots, no real attachment to the main character without prior Breaking Bad knowledge.

FINAL RATING: 4 out of 5 Pews


Kingsman: The Secret Service, 20th Century Fox

A spy organization recruits an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.

THE GOOD: Gary “Eggsy’s” prior skills/talents are justified by the writers, great pace between training process and main story plot, dog’s size used to show the passage of time, comedically appropriate product placement.

THE BAD: One or two choreographed scene’s were too perfect--making the scene feel too rehearsed.

FINAL RATING: 5 out of 5 Pews