Episode 30: Pew Pew Plus



  • Surge, Coca Cola's retired "Mountain Dew killer", comes back thanks to the "Surge Movement". Available for purchase on Amazon
  • WoW Character Name Reclamation coming in patch 6.0.2
    • Any characters that have not logged into the game since November 13th, 2008 will have their names freed up
  • Mojang, makers of Minecraft, picked up by Microsoft for a cool 2.5 billion


  • Larger screens measuring in at 4.7" (iPhone 6) and 5.5" (iPhone 6 Plus)
  • 6.9mm (iPhone 6) and 7.1mm (iPhone 6 Plus) thick
  • Higher resolution at 1334x750 (iPhone 6) and 1920x1080 (iPhone 6 Plus)
  • New A8 chips, M8 Motion Processors, and 64-bit architecture
  • Improved camera featuring "focus pixels" and faster autofocus
  • NFC payments via Apple Pay with full data encryption. Many retailers on-board to support starting in October

GameStop Expo Recap

  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare changes the familiar and leaves its well known controls for new ways to move. The dashing and sliding in Advance Warfare are reminiscent of Titanfall but is a welcomed addition to CoD. If these new skills implemented are well received, it's a wonder how other entries not set in the future will handle taking them out. Also, during the loadout screen between matches, you can test out weapons before taking them out into the battlefield.
  • Mortal Kombat X introduces multiple move sets, stunning graphics, and over the top fatalities. It was also the game Nathan recommended you guys to keep an eye out on. MKX takes queues from previous iterations while taking a few elements from Injustice to create their most accessible fighting game to date. It is a glorious game.
  • Sunset Overdrive is a quirky game. You have insane weapons accompanied with an open world environment. The humor is openly there and if you have an Xbox One, you definitely need to pick it up.
  • The Master Chief Collection: Notably, Halo 2 looked better than a few of the games Nathan was able to play. 343 Industries knocked it out of the park. The game plays even better than you remember and at 1080p 60fps you'll never want to play Halo 2 any other way.
  • Dead Island 2 while fun was a complete mess. Dying Light is a similar game but has more details and overall polish over Dead Island 2. As of now, Nathan would recommend picking up Dying Light over Dead Island 2 for your zombie apocalypse needs.
  • Bloodborne is the hardest game you will play. You will die and it will be frustrating; however, the quality of the game really shines though, and it was easily one of the best looking games on the floor. If you love games like Dark Souls or Demon Souls, you will find much amusement with Bloodborne.
  • The Order: 1886 has a long way to go in order to warrant a purchase. The AI was the worst Nathan saw out of all the games he played and the weapons were horrible. While this was graphically the best game available to play, they should have focused on the gameplay instead of its visuals. Would not recommend this game at its current state.
  • Super Smash Brothers for Wii U: Just buy a Wii U already.
  • Bayonetta 2 is the single most stylish game Nathan has played in a long while. As a Nintendo exclusive, it was one of the strongest he played. If you are a fan of Devil May Cry and pick up a Wii U for Super Smash Brothers, he recommends this game on par with Mortal Kombat X.
  • Hyrule Warriors was hack and slash chaos with Zelda flair. A fun game if you love Dynasty Warriors, but it could end up boring people who expect more of a Zelda type adventure game.
    • Admission Tip: Normal Admission is good for those on a budget, VIP is the best value (free game, candy, drinks, and food with entry), but VIP + will leave you cheated.

Destiny, Bungie Studios

The Good: End game material is plentiful. Like any good MMO game, it guarantees you'll be putting in hours of game time to max out your character. Strikes are fun and can get pretty difficult, but rewarding. PvP is what you expect from the studio that brought you Halo.

The Bad: The story is the main point of critique. The story doesn't create any sort if attachment to the world you are playing in. In some sense it seems like the story was created for the sake of having a story and to quickly get you to their main focus, the end game content.


Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo, Nintendo

The Good: Aside from OG fighters Mario, Link, and Pikachu being familiar characters available for play in this limited demo, you also have the opportunity to try our Mega Man and Villager, two highly anticipated newcomers to SSB. Better still, the handheld version of the once console-only brawler does not suffer from being a port or feel watered down like other attempts to miniaturize fighting games. It feels like the real thing and it's mad addictive.

The Bad: Not much, considering this is a demo. There is the bummer of this being exclusive for a week to 2013 Club Nintendo Platinum members. But with Nintendo even giving those members three additional codes to share, it's hard to fault the big N. Having only one playable stage is a drag, but there's an option to add or remove the platforms to give some kind of diversity.