Episode 28: A Podcast To Kill For




Spellfall, Backflip Studios

Match Tiles. Cast Spells. Conquer Evil. Spellfallâ„¢ is a unique tile-matching puzzle game where you cast magical spells to defeat evil monsters. Along the way, you'll master new spells, grow more powerful and acquire new equipment to aid in your fight. Download here.

THE GOOD: For a Free-To-Play game, Spellfall has a lot going for it. It offers very rich incentives for playing daily, as well as inviting your friends to play with you, without ever feeling really slimy. As a puzzle game in general, Spellfall brings a very cool mechanic to the table, as the tiles are not restricted to their immediate paths, rather they can be moved anywhere on the board.

THE BAD: As you progress, you tend to outlive areas quickly, placing you in higher level areas with you fighting at a much lower level... and that shows in your pathetic HP and attack. This makes progression very difficult. Add a health region system that seems to scale with level, and we're looking at longer and longer wait times to play the farther you get in this game.



BoJack Horseman, Netflix Original Series

Meet the most beloved sitcom horse of the '90s ... 20 years later. Set in an L.A. where humans and anthropomorphic animal-people coexist, "BoJack Horseman" is about one man (well, horse-man) who peaked too early and must figure out what to do next. Starring Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, and Aaron Paul.

THE GOOD: There's a great voice acting cast to be had here, and the concept is a fresh one in a current age of recycled ideas. On that subject, this isn't a quick laugh, dick-and-fart joke animated show. A washed up actor still living in the past is a pretty sad thing... and the series does get dark.

THE BAD: Ah, the dreaded Family Guy flashback humor. It's used, and it's used heavily... with some of the flashbacks dragging much, much longer than most Family Guy schticks.



Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, Dimension Films

The town's most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more reviled inhabitants.

THE GOOD: Visually one of the coolest movies to watch this year, A Dame To Kill For, like its predecessor, stays true to that "graphic novel" feel and flow. It's a pretty entertaining flick, even if you haven't seen the first Sin City.

THE BAD: The flow suffers considerably. With three separate storylines, the flow of the movie becomes clunky and difficult to follow.



  • The Simpsons Movie will be airing on FX Friday, August 29th.
  • Nate's new post, The Quick And The Pew, is available to read here. Make sure to leave a comment!
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  • Check out the new song "Atlas" from Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez below:

Several months ago, in anticipation of the birth of my son, I wrote "Atlas" for him. At the time, I could only imagine the feelings I'd have for him when I'd have to leave for tour. I didn't truly understand the power and relevance of the song's sentiment. - Claudio